ArcGIS for Desktop – Basic, Standard or Advanced?

This is a topic that has generated a significant amount of discussion for various reasons, some more obvious than others.  In this latest release, we addressed the issue through a few minor code changes but more significant changes in the product specifications, datasheets, and compatibility list.  We are working with Esri to ensure that their own literature is consistent with ours in this area.

In short, the product specifications and datasheets indicate support for all license levels and direct your attention to the compatibility list for specific workflow limitations.  There, near the top of page 11, you’ll see the following notes concerning support for ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (formerly ArcView):

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile workflows

  • Cannot enable or synchronize attachments
  • Cannot add GlobalID fields through the user interface to allow synchronization
  • Degraded performance when collecting session data in the field (due to the lack of attachment support)

ArcPad workflows

  • Limited or no support for enterprise geodatabases and ArcSDE services; refer to Esri documentation (functionally applies to the ArcGIS for Windows Mobile workflows as well)

NOTE: Not all documents on the Trimble website (specifications, datasheets, compatibility list) were updated at the exact same time and furthermore, minor revisions may have been made within the first 24~48 hours of the new product release. Please ensure you are working with the latest version as the information contained therein should match what is listed above.

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