New Release – Trimble Positions Desktop add-in

We are pleased to announce a new release in the Trimble Positions suite: Trimble Positions Desktop add-in This release, which follows by only a few months (June 2018), resolves the issue with NGS CORS base file downloads (see previous blog post) in addition to providing official support for ArcGIS Desktop 10.6, 10.6.1, and older “point” releases (10.4.1, 10.5.1). It also includes numerous bug fixes and improvements which are detailed in the release notes. Highlights include:

  • Additional metadata is available for TerraSync and ArcPad workflows. The complete list of metadata options is now: horizontal accuracy (worst), vertical accuracy (worst), feature height (point), feature height – first vertex (line/polygon), feature  height – last vertex (line/polygon), X coordinate in current map coordinate system (point), Y coordinate in current map coordinate system (point), project name, session name, receiver type, PDOP, HDOP, created timestamp (local), correction status (most
    common in solution), and device name.
  • Handling for non-GNSS edits in an SSF file (TerraSync). The check-in functionality for SSFs has been improved to handle edits to features outside of a GNSS session. Features edited prior to the start of a session will be included in the first session. You will be prompted to import features edited after the end of a session, or from an SSF with no session information. This will include attribute-only feature edits.
  • Manage default data transfer folders for the bundled Data Transfer utility in the TerraSync workflow. New functionality is available in the Trimble Positions Desktop Configuration utility that allows you to manage the default folders used by the Data Transfer utility.
  • Support for photo URL stored to a string field. The name of a string field can now be specified for the storage of a single photo URL for TerraFlex forms (for example, to allow for use with Esri ArcGIS Desktop Basic).
  • Select All checkbox added to the Layers page of the project wizard. The long sought-after Select all checkbox has been added to the Layers page of the project creation wizard.

Additional information, including an enumeration of bug fixes and what field workflows they apply to, is available in the release notes:

Note: If you have issues upgrading the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and the old version still appears, it may be worth manually cleaning the entry in ArcMap’s AssemblyCache after uninstalling the old version and before installing the new version. It’s generally in the following location (AssemblyCache is a hidden folder):

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