Problems Editing a TerraSync Project with Subtyped Layers

A customer recently reported an issue with the TerraSync check-out/check-in workflow when using layers with subtypes. Specifically, features collected with different subtypes (remember that each subtype creates its own feature type in the data dictionary) get checked back in to the geodatabase all under the same subtype. This problem doesn’t manifest itself until you try editing the project through the project wizard and running through to the last page and clicking ‘Finish’. Once you do that, all future check-ins will be affected even if you use the existing data dictionary. A workaround for this is to avoid editing the project through the project wizard after it’s created. If you need to access the ‘Save to DDF’ / ‘Edit DDF’ / ‘Update from DDF’ functionality for an existing project, that’s fine…but once you are done on that ‘Project Options’ page in the wizard, just click the ‘X’ or ‘Cancel’ to close the wizard window and do not click ‘Next >’ to proceed through to the end of the wizard. When using the ‘Update from DDF’ functionality, changes are stored immediately and you do not need to complete the wizard. You will need to take care when setting the metadata transfer fields and accuracy thresholds for such projects when you first create them.

This will be fixed in the next release.

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