An Update to the May 2017 Release

We wanted to let you know that the downloads have been updated for the latest release of Trimble Positions. Of particular note is the availability of the centimeter-capable versions of Trimble Positions ArcPad extension v10.2.4.1 and Trimble Positions Mobile extension v10.2.1.3.

With regards to the updated installer for Trimble Positions Desktop add-in, there is no change in version and it remains v10.5.0.2 although with a build number of 8.1684 as shown in the administration window. The only material changes were updates to the installer to fix missing tools and components as well as to improve product uninstallation. For users who have inquired about using Trimble Positions Desktop add-in alongside Esri’s Attribute Assistant add-in, please contact us through your Trimble Distribution Partner.

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