First-time Add-in Behavior with ArcGIS Desktop 10.4, 10.4.1, & 10.5

For those of you using Trimble Positions Desktop add-in with ArcGIS Desktop 10.4 and above, you have likely noticed peculiar behavior the first time you run ArcMap after installing the add-in. Specifically, you will see an entry for Trimble Positions Desktop Add-In in the Customize…Add-in Manager… menu, but NOT in the Customize…Extensions… menu. If the Trimble Positions Toolbar is visible and has enabled buttons, clicking on one of the buttons will cause ArcMap to crash. The next time (and every time thereafter) you start ArcMap, everything behaves correctly. The underlying problem is an Esri bug (BUG-000102715) that is causing the add-in to only partially load the first time it is run. Esri has indicated this will be fixed in the next update to ArcGIS Desktop 10.5, but that there would need to be specific requests made for them to consider a hotfix for earlier versions.

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