Updates to the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in Release

In December of last year, we announced the release of Trimble Positions Desktop add-in In January, we found an issue with improper recognition of centimeter R2 receiver capabilities when post-processing SSF data. We are happy to announce that this issue has been fixed and the installer download has been updated. As a reminder, all Trimble Positions downloads are available here.

A word on build numbers

At the time we blogged about it on December 16th, the download had technically already undergone one revision since being posted initially (and quietly) several weeks earlier. With this recent update to the installer download, there are now 3 builds of the release that have been made public. Although there were only minor differences (fixes) between these builds, we do recognize the potential for confusion and would like to provide the summary below. As a reminder, the build number is available at the top of the administration window.

Build NumberApprox. Release DateChanges
7.9024Dec. 5, 2016preliminary release
7.9324Dec. 15, 2016additional translations, GPS leap second
7.9622Jan. 25, 2017fix for cm R2 post-processing from SSF
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