Trimble Positions Desktop update

In early March, we released Trimble Positions Desktop add-in as part of a full-suite release. After the release, with the help of our user community, we found a couple issues that warranted fixing. A new installation package was posted around April 17th. In the intervening weeks, a few other issues were reported with the add-in and the Session Processor that we decided to fix as well. New installation packages for both Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and Trimble Positions Session Processor were posted yesterday, May 25th.

The following issues were addressed collectively in the 2 updates (these are not yet reflected in the release notes which have not been updated since the original release):

  • Positions Desktop add-in installer does not include VS2013 C++ runtime DLLs required for post processing components
  • Positions Desktop fails to recognize that a TerraSync project is “generic” in certain cases
  • ArcMap may fail to start if user deletes the current SQLite database that Positions Desktop is using
  • SessionProcessor app.config file is not set correctly when installed with ArcGIS 10.4
  • Log4net messages are not going to proper log file when multiple add-ins are installed
  • Positions Desktop installer does not register add-in on ArcMap 10.3.1
  • PFO fonts are not included in the installation
  • Data Transfer utility is not putting backup SSF files in a proper folder
  • Data Transfer utility logs are not going to a known location
  • Projects that use layers with alias names can’t be checked-in using the ArcPad workflow (nothing visible when user clicks “Check Contents”)
  • Positions database created in Oracle using ODBC connection fails
  • Non-nullable feature class attributes are marked as non-editable in TerraSync workflow DDF files
  • Z coordinates for updated GIS features are always in meters and do not observe vertical coordinate system units
  • Log reports COM error when trying to check-in ArcPad project data

Although the version number ( did not change, there is a build number that is visible on the main add-in Administration window. The build for this ‘update 2’ release is 7.4789. The original release had a build number of 7.3877 while the first update had a build number of 7.4401. update 2 version

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