2-Point Offsets in ArcPad using the Geo 7X Rangefinder

ArcPad has long supported 2-point offset constructions (bearing-bearing or distance-distance) for points and line/polygon vertexes. When using an optical rangefinder (e.g., LaserAce or TruPulse), the rangefinder button can be used to populate the data for Reference Point A then Reference Point B in succession. This is partially enabled through ArcPad changing control focus after the first reference point is shot.

In the Geo 7X Rangefinder workflow, pressing the rangefinder button on the device launches the rangefinder app. After a point is shot (by pressing the device button again), you click the checkmark icon to return to ArcPad. This should populate the data for Reference Point A and move the control focus to Reference Point B. Unfortunately, when you then try taking the second shot and returning to ArcPad, control focus is no longer on Reference Point B because of the application switching. The result is that Reference Point A gets replaced with the new shot and there is effectively no way to populate Reference Point B automatically from the rangefinder on the Geo 7X.

We are discussing this issue with Esri and will update our user community when we have something to share.

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