New TerraFlex Desktop add-in

Some of you may have noticed that a new version of the Trimble TerraFlex Desktop add-in was released last week. This version introduces support for the data update workflow whereby existing features can be uploaded to InSphere as a task creation step in the add-in. Typically we’d also release an updated version of the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in that has the same level of functionality for TerraFlex workflows. However, we have not yet been able to do so.

Although it is technically possible to install the new TerraFlex add-in alongside the existing Trimble Positions add-in (, you may run into problems in certain workflows. Although most of the underlying components are the same between those versions, some of the InSphere dependencies have changed and so functionality may depend on in what order ArcMap loads the add-ins (and hence what version of the dependencies get loaded to be used by both).

Thus for the time being, the recommendation is to not run both add-ins side-by-side in production workflows unless you have thoroughly tested it and know what works and what doesn’t.

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