Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and Session Processor utility Re-release

We are grateful to our diligent user community for spotting a couple issues in the November release of the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and the Session Processor utility. While investigating these issues, we also found a couple other things that we felt warranted fixing. Updated installers for both applications are now available on the Trimble website. The version number remains so you will need to check file revision dates to determine if a machine has the original or the re-release.

Issues addressed

  • TerraFlex publish/harvest workflows were broken after the TerraFlex Advanced upgrade. This functionality has been restored although the new data update workflows are not supported in this release.
  • Session Processor installer did not include all files necessary for ArcPad project support. These files are now included and ArcPad projects can now be used in the Session Processor when ArcPad 10.2.2 is installed on the desktop.
  • Session Processor installer did not write a .config file to the installation folder in all cases. The configuration file is specific to the ArcGIS for Desktop version (assembly binding) and should now be written to the installation folder for all supported ArcGIS versions (10.1, 10.2, 10.2.x, 10.3).
  • Photo handling was not correct in certain TerraSync workflows. In certain cases, photos may have been missing the full path information or may have received duplicate names on check-in. This has been resolved.
  • Change made to ArcMap.exe.config file during installation caused Version Manager toolbar to stop working. The Trimble Positions Desktop add-in installer will no longer make a change to the <startup> tag in the ArcMap.exe.config file. It will only add a supported .NET runtime version. For more information, refer to this earlier blog post.
  • Project wizard should not include hidden fields in TerraSync/TerraFlex project layers. If fields are hidden at the time the project is created, they will not be included in the project layers. If changes are made to the geodatabase schema or ArcMap layer definition after the project was created, a new project should be created. The OBJECTID and SHAPE fields should never be hidden in TerraSync project workflows.
  • Dockable window should remember last check-out/check-in folder for TerraSync SSF files. This is now functional.
  • Layer names > 20 characters were improperly handled in TerraSync workflows preventing check-in. Long layer names are now truncated properly for use in the Data Dictionary Editor. Original layer names in ArcMap should not need to be changed.
  • Layer names should have ‘.’ character stripped before being used in TerraSync workflows. Layers added from an enterprise geodatabase will by default contain one or more ‘dots’ in the name. These will be removed automatically for internal layer name storage in TerraSync workflows. Original layer names in ArcMap should not need to be changed.
  • Checked-out features (in TerraSync SSF files) that weren’t updated were incorrectly included in a new session on check-in. Unmodified features will now always be excluded from sessions on check-in.
  • Feature accuracy values were not populated on check-ins from TerraSync SSF files. In some cases, feature accuracy values were not always populated on check-in. This has been resolved.

Note that because of the changes in TerraSync support, you should check-in any in-progress data before upgrading. Although in most cases, existing check-outs can still be checked-in with this version, there are some workflows (namely those with long layer names) where it likely won’t work.

Known issues

Non-ASCII characters are unsupported in TerraSync workflows. Currently, the use of non-ASCII characters in layer names/aliases, field names/aliases, and string attributes may cause problems in TerraSync workflows using the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in. This will be fixed in the next release.

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