Missing Configuration Files for the Session Processor

In the November 2014 release, we introduced the Trimble Positions Session Processor, a stand-alone utility for processing collected GNSS data (check-in, post processing, feature updating, etc.) based on Trimble Positions project settings. During installation, a proper configuration file is supposed to be stored in the main application folder based on the version of ArcGIS for Desktop (or Engine) components that are installed. However, some customers have reported that this is not always the case and it seems that the installer may not handle all ArcGIS versions properly. The absence of a SessionProcessor.exe.config file prevents the Session Processor from running.  Although this will be fixed in a future update, a zip of all the proper configuration files can be downloaded here:


Extract the appropriate SessionProcessor.exe.config for your ArcGIS version and place it in the main application folder where Session Processor was installed. Note that these configuration files do specify a default log file and path (C:\Temp\mylog.log) that you may want to change prior to running the application.

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