A new Trimble Positions ArcPad extension release for the new year

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Trimble Positions ArcPad extension version…the last piece of the November 2014 release. This release is for Windows Mobile only and adds a few things that relate directly to customer requests:

  • Support for Trimble RTX™ technology. This version supports the forthcoming Trimble RTX technology in the Trimble Geo7X handheld firmware as a primary source of real-time corrections.
  • Support for precise feature heights. This version adds support for Mean Sea Level (MSL) calculation in the field by specifying a geoid grid file (GGF) downloaded from the Trimble website and deployed manually to the field device. This setting is via registry entry and augments the functionality to calculate MSL in the office, added to the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in in a previous release.
    To enable conversion from height-above-ellipsoid to MSL in the field, a new registry key should be created on the Windows Mobile device:
    In it, a new string value named “FullFilePath” should be created and populated with the full file name (including folder name) for the required GGF file.  When set correctly, positional data sent to ArcPad will have elevation expressed as MSL, or orthometric height.
  • Additional hardware support. The Trimble Positions ArcPad extension can now run on the following field devices: Trimble Juno® 5 Enhanced GPS, Trimble Juno T41™, and Trimble Juno T41 Enhanced GPS.

Updated documentation is still being worked on and will be available shortly.  Additional information is available in the release notes:

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