Specific TerraSync version support

Since our release yesterday, we’ve already had some questions about the specific versions of TerraSync supported in the new Trimble Positions workflow. It’s a great question and the answer depends on a combination of SSF version, data dictionary version, and GNSS receiver.  In the release notes we indicated that it had been tested for versions 5.60 and above.  Since our release testing we’ve done a bit more investigation and believe that Trimble Positions Desktop add-in version should work with TerraSync version 5.xx in both data collection and data update workflows, except that SiRF data (Juno S, Juno 3, Nomad, Yuma) may not be differentially corrected well for data collection workflows using TerraSync versions older than 5.60.

As usual, testing with your workflow is highly recommended. Please let us know if you experience something different.

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