Announcing the November 2014 release of Trimble Positions

We are extremely pleased to announce the November 2014 release of Trimble Positions. This release contains some new functionality that we’re excited to share with the user community. At the high level, we’ve made significant changes in the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in to not only provide better support for ArcGIS for Windows Mobile and ArcPad workflows by addressing user feedback, but also to provide a much stronger Esri integration story for Trimble TerraSync™ and Trimble TerraFlex™ users.

Multiple Field Application Workflows

  • Support for TerraSync workflows. This version significantly expands support for TerraSync software workflows. You can create projects which contain a dictionary and information required for mapping between SSF and geodatabase data. A dictionary will be used when checking out features to an SSF file, and can also be updated from a dictionary edited in the Data Dictionary Editor. Data (including photos) can be checked in from the SSF using the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in; sessions can be managed in the same way as other workflows.
  • Support for TerraFlex workflows. Trimble Positions Desktop add-in users can now publish projects and form templates to InSphere without having to use a separate add-in. Completed forms (including photos) can be downloaded directly into geodatabase feature classes. The TerraFlex Desktop add-in will continue to be a supported option for non-Trimble Positions users.
  • New wizard for project creation and editing. A new project wizard significantly improves the user experience when creating and editing projects. Project wizard steps are hidden or shown depending on whether or not they are required for a given project type. Map document validation and GNSS-enabling are now part of this new wizard. Other benefits include:
    • New layers (from the same workspace) can be added to existing projects
    • New feature class fields for metadata transfer can be created through the wizard (file/personal gdb only)
    • Accuracy thresholds can be set for multiple layers at once
    • Unused project types can be turned off through the Configuration tool
    • Simpler administration screens (project-type specific items are largely constrained to the wizard)
    • Additional metadata transfer attribute – vertical estimated accuracy
  • Session Processor utility for automation. This new stand-alone ArcObjects application enables you to automate day-to-day postprocessing workflow tasks in the Trimble Positions software suite; once proper data collection standards are established and the process set, most of the tasks are executed without exceptions and, if accuracy-based logging is used, in most cases there is no need for human intervention.
    The following tasks can be automated:

    • Importing data collected in a mobile application
    • Differentially correcting GNSS data to improve positional accuracy
    • Updating GIS features with improved geometry and metadata if correction is successful
    • Removing sessions which are no longer required

Additional information is available in the release notes:

Note: If you have issues upgrading the Trimble Positions Desktop add-in and the old version still appears, it may be worth manually cleaning the entry in ArcMap’s AssemblyCache after uninstalling the old version and before installing the new version.  It’s generally in the following location on Windows 7 (AssemblyCache is a hidden folder):

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