Trimble Positions 10.2

The Trimble Positions Development Team is pleased to announce the release of Trimble Positions for all products. As the name implies, this release supports ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2, ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 10.2, and ArcPad 10.2, in addition to supporting Trimble’s latest GNSS handheld, the Geo 7 Series.

This release addresses usability, bug fixes, and a handful of noteworthy new features:

  • Real-time only workflow. For Positions Mobile extension users, this release introduces the concept of ‘workflow type’ and you can select between Real-Time Corrections + Postprocessing (previously the only option) and Real-Time Corrections Only. In this new workflow type, sessions are not created, metadata is populated in the field, and some out-of-box functionality in the mobile application (copy feature, new feature at same location) is restored.
  • Field-to-office session notes. Positions Mobile extension (and Positions Toolkit) users can now enter descriptive text about the session and this text will be visible to the Positions Desktop add-in user. The columns visible in the sessions grid of the dockable window have been adjusted to display start time, end time, and these notes. Sessions notes can be created and edited for the current session and also for previously saved (unsynchronized) sessions by clicking the appropriate entry in the New Sessions in Cache list in the GNSS Sessions task.
  • Nested point feature collection. In this version of the Positions Mobile extension (and Positions Toolkit), you can pause streamed line collection to collect nested point features. This feature is available as a menu option in the Form View geometry page. You can select from any of the point layers in the current project.
  • List of satellites used. Clicking on the Satellites: text on the GNSS Status page of the Positions Mobile extension will expand the area to show a list of satellites used in the solution. Satellites are listed by constellation.
  • Legacy workflow support. This version adds basic support for a few legacy workflows that have been requested: create data dictionary (DDF) from the layers in the current map document (for the TerraSync™ software), and create a projection file (PRJ) from the coordinate system used in the current map document (for the GPS Pathfinder® Office software).

The release notes contain the full listing of new functionality and bug fixes and should be consulted for further detail. Check back here in the next couple of weeks for demonstration videos highlighting some of the new functionality in the context of different workflows.

Before we go, an important note: This release includes an upgrade to the schema of the Trimble Positions Desktop database. As a reminder, this is the Jet/MDB or ODBC data source that you configured during installation using the Trimble Positions Desktop Configuration application available in the Start Menu. After installing Trimble Positions Desktop add-in, run the Configuration application, and click the ‘Test current configuration‘ link. This will alert you that the schema needs to be upgraded and that all existing data (projects, processing profiles, field configurations, etc.) will be preserved. Click the ‘Yes‘ button, wait a few seconds, and then re-click the ‘Test current configuration‘ link to verify that the schema was upgraded.


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