Recording of Esri Live Training Seminar is Now Available

The Trimble Positions Development Team participated in one of Esri’s Live Training Seminars (LTS) last week.  The session was entitled “Collect High-Accuracy Data with ArcGIS for Windows Mobile” and was presented 3 times over the course of the day.

In the seminar, Jeff Shaner (Esri) walked through the basic workflow for the out-of-box ArcGIS for Windows Mobile product and then we transitioned into how that workflow is extended for high-accuracy with Trimble Positions.

A recording from one of the sessions (the 11am PST one if you’re curious) is now available online for viewing.  All you need is an Esri global account.

Esri estimates that the live presentations were seen by ~1500 people that day and several hundred questions were submitted…far more than we could get to in the time allotted.  We hope to follow up on many of those questions in this space here, as well as in Esri’s Mobile blog.

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